Lottery Pig

Redefining decentralized finance with a sustainable ecosystem.

What is Lottery Pig?

Inspired by the rapidly-growing DeFi miner space, Lottery Pig is a highly developed autominer ecosystem offering a lucrative return to all investors through a finely tuned yield distribution algorithm.
In addition to a pioneering autominer approach, unique to Lottery Pig is the fundamental integration of our lottery and the miner into a holistic system.
This is the first miner of its kind - a multi-contract miner ecosystem with a focus on sustainability.
The project launched on Wednesday 24th August, with over 200BNB total value locked on Day 1.

With up to 15% DAILY ROI and a hugely successful fair-launch, Lottery Pig is one of the biggest new projects in miner DeFi.

Moving Forward

The project has now been fully audited by the SafuAudit team - see the Audit page for more information.
Several upcoming additional features and supplementary projects are already in design & development stages - see the full roadmap.
Last modified 6mo ago