Audit, KYC & Anti-rug

📃 Audit

The Lottery and Miner have been independently audited by the prestigious SafuAudit team (, with a final score of 90.4%.
No critical or medium risks were identified at all during the audit, and minor recommendations by the report have been taken into account for the final build.
The full audit report can be found here:​

🔒 Security

The full audit completion with SafuAudit was a hard requirement for our team before launch, for transparancy and crucially to cover an external confirmation of no exploits, back-doors or vulnerabilities in the code.
Our goal was to build a piggy bank as secure as a real one.

❌ Anti-Rug Measures

The smart contract is locked on launch to provide transparency. No changes to the underlying code can be made by the team to abuse investor funds and 'rugpull' the project.

🔖 About the Auditor

SafuAudit are a verified partner of PinkSale and DxSale, the two leading decentralized launchpad and token services protocols, which combined have tens of thousands of projects launched and over half a billion dollars of projects' liquidity locked.
SafuAudit are listed on TrustBlock, a curated list of auditors working to make smart contract security ecosystem more open, accessible & transparent. The Trustblock audit process is on the blockchain: these audits once uploaded are not editable, not-owned, and precisely attached to addresses on-chain.

👮‍♂️ KYC

The Audit team have full KYC data on record for our project lead, which will be released in the event of any abuse.
This is to back up our promises of providing transparency and honesty on our part with real-life repercussions, and to further assure no unfair manipulation of the contract can take place.