LP Crash

The ever-popular Crash game is the first new headline entry to the Lottery Pig Casino. The game in many ways imitates trading markets - in the app, you will see a line that goes up against a graph and an indicator showing an ever-increasing multiplier.
This game is a blend of chance against bravery, where the objective is to cash out your winnings before the whole game 'crashes'. The longer you hold on, the larger the winnings, but get too greedy and you will bust out!

How To Play

Core Game

- You will have 60 seconds prior to the round starting to place your bet.
- From there the game will start and the multiplier will rise. During the rising multiplier, you will have the option to cash out at any point.
- When you cash out, you receive: [initial bet] x [multiplier at time of cashout].
- If you wait too long to cash out before game 'crashes', then you will lose your bet.
Every player plays the same game at the same time, so jump on our telegram chat to discuss your wins and losses together!

Cashout Multiplier

Before starting a round, you have the option to pre-set your cashout multiplier. This system means that if the round reaches your multiplier or above, you will automatically be cashed out and receive your winnings. If the round crashes before you reach your multiplier, the game ends on a loss.
If you don't attempt to cash out manually, you will automatically be cashed out if the game reaches your chosen cashout multiplier.
If you pre-set a cashout multiplier on a match but then get cold feet or just want to play it safe, you can still use the manual withdraw button to pull out at any time.

What next?

Once you understand how the game works, it's simply a case of connecting your BNB wallet, choosing your bet amount, setting your multiplier (or not, if you're feeling brave) and wait for the round to start. Good luck!

System Features / FAQs


Typical Crash games are fed by a bankroll, and taxes from each game played are distributed to the bankroll. However, for Lottery Pig, 100% of the taxes from games played will be contributed towards the miner, boosting TVL and adding real value for the ecosystem.

How High Can the Multiplier go?

There's no limit!
Well, technically the limit is 4,458,563,631,096,791.04x, but it's very unlikely to ever be reached.
Limits are in place to prevent a single very lucky (and brave) winner from taking every single BNB and stopping any further play. Therefore, a cap is place on the max profit that any player can win in a single bet - it is always equal to 2% of the bankroll.
Be mindful of this number when both placing your bet and deciding when to cash out!

How can I know this game is fair?

The LP Crash smart contract passes cryptographically generated hashes to the game server for each and every match. This hash decides what the maximum multiplier will be for each game. Additionally, this hash is publicly available, can be validated by any user and does not allow for any interference by any of the dev team.

Latency Guards

Unfortunately, lag on the player's internet connection is unavoidable in networked real-time games like LP Crash. Even with a good connection to the internet, other additional factors outside of either your or our control may also introduce network delays on the internet.
The effect of these network delays may cause instances where a player has clicked 'cash out', but this signal does not reach our servers before the server ends the multiplier.
Although missed cash-outs due to lag can be frustrating, it is important for everyone to understand that Lottery Pig do not profit from them. In bets that are won, lag causes players to cash out slightly later than they intended to, causing them to win more than they would have otherwise.