One of the key aims of the Lottery Pig project is to create a sustainable self-feeding ecosystem. To this aim, we have created a separate but complementary lottery which feeds profits back into the Lottery Pig Miner.

📝 Guaranteed Payouts

The initial lottery pool has been kick-started with 10BNB seeded by the Lottery Pig team.

🎫 Lottonomics

Lotteries draws twice daily, at 06:00 UTC and 18:00 UTC.
Guaranteed winner for every lottery executed, with the winner taking the whole prize pool, guaranteed at 10 BNB minimum.
The taxes from the lottery will be distributed as follows:
  • 25% feeding the TVL of the Lottery Pig miner
  • 5% dev fee
Barrier for entry to the lottery is low, at only 0.01 BNB per ticket, e.g. 1 BNB buys 100 tickets. This amount was chosen to be as small as possible whilst still keeping gas fees affordable.

💰 Buy Tickets Directly with Miner Rewards

Investors in the Lottery Pig Miner can seamlessly use their accumulated rewards to purchase lottery tickets.
These purchases can be made at any time the rewards are sufficient to buy tickets!
Instead of having to wait for the next week to receive their BNB payout from the Lottery Pig miner, investors can immediately buy tickets using their currently accumulated rewards to go large!

♻️ Sustainable Ecosystem

This distribution of lottery profits into the miner is fundamental to maintain long-term stability of the project. To enable it to continue to boost the TVL of the miner, a minimum sustainable threshold of tickets bought has to be activated to trigger the next lottery.
This ensures that each and every lottery held will be bigger, better and more profitable than the last, boosting return for lottery buyers, investors in the miner and for the ecosystem as a whole.
For example before the first lottery closes, the pot size in ticket sales and tax received from the miner most be equal to or greater than 10 BNB. This guarantees that no lottery will ever be smaller than 10 BNB. With miner TVL growth the lottery will also grow - with or without ticket purchases -incentivizing early buy-ins into the lottery.
💵 Huge Bonus on Miner Investment
Lottery winners can choose to receive their winnings in BNB directly to their wallet, or roll it over into the Lottery Pig Miner for a 100% bonus on miners.
This re-cycling of the value in both systems even further facilitates the long-term, guaranteed growth of the Lottery Pig project as a whole.