Investments in traditional miners can be held back by continuously mounting gas fees and the need for investors to constantly monitor their compound timers and reward accumulation periods.
Lottery Pig does away with this by automatically handling compounds and rewards via the yield distribution algorithm, allowing investors to relax and enjoy watching their gains.

📊 Autominer Functionality

The Lottery Pig Miner is a BNB-backed high-yield mining smart contract. Investors in the contract buy miners - called 'Piggies' - that once bought continue to generate BNB rewards forever.
The daily ROI is up to 15% per day. This means that once you invest in the miner, your miners bought will return up to 15% of their value per day - in either compounds to your miner growth or payouts directly to your wallet!
Even without taking into account compounding, this extrapolates out to a potential 5,475% APY...
Compounds and any applicable reward payouts are executed every day at 12:00 UTC. Any rewards paid out by Lottery Pig Miner are automatically sent to the investor’s wallet with no need for approval or intervention.

📆 Flexible Payout Dates

Popular withdrawal strategies for traditional miners are 6:1 and 13:1, meaning 6 or 13 days compounding daily, then 1 day’s rewards for withdrawal. Finding the optimum strategy to maximize gains in traditional miners is often difficult, as there is asymmetry in information available to the usual investor.
Lottery Pig Miner builds on these foundations by offering a variable payout date between 7 and 14 days, shown on the dApp. When TVL growth is strong, payouts will become more frequent. This range of dates allows the algorithm to dynamically adjust payout periods in order to stabilize excessive payouts and facilitate long-term resilience.

♻️ Total Miner Ecosystem

As a bonus feature and to drive growth of Lottery Pig as an ecosystem, investors will be able to buy tickets for the Lottery Pig lottery using their currently accumulated daily rewards. Buying tickets with the daily accumulated rewards does not delay the next compound or reward interval.

🐋❌ Anti-Whale Abuse Guard

To level the playing field and protect average investors against whales gaining an unfair advantage and causing violent drops in TVL, reward payouts are capped at 1% of the current TVL.

🪂 Unstake Funds / Emergency Withdraw Feature

For most miners, once you invest the money, it's locked in forever. If at any time you need to pull out of the project, we offer an unstake / "emergency withdraw" feature. A 50% tax is also applicable to use of this feature and all of your pigs will be lost forever, so be careful!
Please note that the unstake formula subtracts rewards received from the system from the amount invested before determining payout. Therefore, an investor who has invested 5BNB and has so far received 4BNB in payouts already will receive only 0.5BNB (inclusive of the 50% tax) should they use this feature.

👮‍♂️ Anti-Rug Measures, Audit & KYC

The smart contract is locked on launch to provide transparency. No changes to the underlying code can be made by the team to abuse investor funds and 'rugpull' the project.
An audit has been completed by the prestigious SafuAudit team (, with a safety score of over 90%.
The Audit team have full KYC data on record for our project lead, as an additional safety measure.

📈 Organic Growth Incentives

Referral program: Referrer receives a 10% bonus of the initial deposit by the investor they refer.
We strongly believe that only those who are invested, believe in the project and are part of the active community should be able to benefit from referral bonuses: therefore, only wallets who are invested in the platform with a 0.5BNB minimum balance are eligible to receive referral bonuses.
To drive persistent growth of the entire Lottery Pig ecosystem, the vast majority of the dev tax levied will be used for continued re-investment in the platform.
- 4% of all transactions in the miner is automatically re-invested towards the lottery pool.
- 3% on transactions is dedicated towards continued commissioning of high-impact marketing campaigns.
- 1% of transactions will go as dev tax to help both our initial outlay in developing and marketing the project and continue to develop further complementary features to enhance the ecosystem.