Why Lottery Pig?

The 'Inflation Death Cycle Trap'

Every other miner project currently in the DeFi space is ultimately doomed to reach the point of the ‘death cycle’, where the exponential growth of early investor’s funds causes rapidly out-of-control miner inflation.
This ever-increasing mass silently grows towards a critical point, until every investor entering past it is ultimately condemned to spiral towards this black hole where the inflation starts to outstrip their investment faster than they can compound, ultimately left with miners worth less than the gas fees.

What We Are Doing About It

Every member on our dev team has experienced this first-hand, and this is what drove us to create a balanced, sustainable ecosystem.
Lottery Pig is unique in being able to combat this fate with a self-regulating algorithm, balancing the complex relationship between compounds, payout ROI%, reward period timers and TVL growth to maximize sustainability for all investors, not just those who get in early.