Master Plan

Whilst being core pillars of the Lottery Pig structure, the Miner and the Lottery are just the start of an expanding ecosystem. The dev team has drafted a steady pipeline of upcoming complementary features and projects to supplement the project as a whole.
The Lottery Pig project pipeline is split up into four key phases:

Design Stage

💎 Lottery Pig Token

A crucial element to create a truly tailor-made ecosystem, the Lottery Pig Token will be a flexible, purpose-built token to underpin the full potential of the Lottery Pig ecosystem.
Deep integration with existing and future project elements, combined with unique tokenomics, will make the Lottery Pig Token a bold new era for the project.

Development Stage

💵 Lottery Pig BUSD Miner

To provide an inclusive solution to all investors, instead of just those who are invested in BNB, a complementary BUSD-backed miner is already under development.
Dev tax contributions from the supplementary BUSD miner will also be used to feed the lottery and BNB miner, strengthening the Lottery Pig system.
With lower risk profiles built into the yield distribution algorithm, the BUSD miner will provide a perfect alternative to some investors who want a safer investment. It will also allow existing investors in the BNB Lottery Miner to hedge their exposure to holding BNB with a trusted stablecoin-backed alternative.
This alternative investment risk profile option will broaden the scope and reach of Lottery Pig as a whole.

🔩 Chainlist integration

By building a chainlist bridge, investors will be able to automatically connect their wallets to the appropriate Chain ID and Network ID for BSC. This will broaden accesibility to a whole new market of potential investors who are not experienced with BSC-networked projects.

🎲 Lottery Pig Casino

A full suite of casino classics are already underway in development.
Once deployed, investors will be able to use their accumulated rewards to play classics such as roulette and slots for miner rewards, and with no need to invest further BNB!

📚 DeFi Academy

Every other mining project in this space quickly bans any users who want to share information on wider developments in the market space. By creating a closed environment, they leave investors blind to the wider landscape and aim to create a cult focused on only their project.
We believe this goes against our values at Lottery Pig - we are developing a free-of-charge space for users to share experience and knowledge in a dedicated knowledge collaboration space.
With structured content, updates and seminars from the team, and by allowing users to share information freely, we aim to bolster the project by helping our users grow - both in their wallets and knowledge.

Testing Stage

🌍 International Translations

Native Spanish language versions of both Lottery and Miner sites are in final QA stages. Quick deployment of these translations following will open up a potential market of half a billion Spanish speakers worldwide.
Further translations are being explored for Mandarin, Arabic and French, with these further translations to follow based on research on their total native speakers and market potential.

Ready to Deploy

BNB Miner


🎲 Lottery Pig Crash Game

📈 Moonarch Listing

The miner will be listed on Moonarch on Sunday, the 21st August. The premium listing will have a custom color and be pinned to the top list - a priority placement in the #1 app for DeFi miner rankings.

📣 Regular AMAs

The team will be holding regular live AMAs on voice chat with the community.
This is to help us build a more transparent leadership, a collaborative element with the community and strengthen the project as a whole. We want our communities' voices to be heard when building this ecosystem.
For the early stages of the project, we aim to be holding these community events weekly at the minimum.