The Team

🇺🇸 Crypto Brian

Telegram: @cryptobriaan
As a crypto veteran, Crypto Brian has been deeply involved in the crypto space as an investor for over a decade - a classic example of a prodigy dropping out of prestigious education due to too much success outside of it.
Crypto Brian's extensive work and knowledge in the DeFi space, with a recent focus on miner projects, brings a key element of experience and insight on how to build, manage and grow a successful project.

🇬🇧 ALX

Telegram: @ALX_DEV
After graduating law school and dedicating years of grind at several multinational Big Tech firms, ALX hit the realization that there must be more than being a slave to office culture and left the industry to chase his passion - crypto.
Never looking back from this decision, ALX has since been an analyst for a London-based crypto investment consortium, separately working as an independent investor, and is now bringing his skillset, background and resources to DeFi projects.

🇺🇸 Nomad Brian

By trade a programmer, Nomad Brian drove these skills hard to earn his current title as a serial tech entrepreneur & investor in real estate. Investing in Bitcoin since 2014 only further cemented his track record of success.
Constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities, Nomad Brian has been working in DeFI and programming in Solidity for years. This makes him a key pillar of Lottery Pig, with a base technical skillset underpinning a well-tuned vision to see successful ventures to completion.

🇪🇺 Kraitor Dev Team

Kraitor is an experienced team of 3 devs that create and turn into reality those ideas that seem difficult to do.
"On this occasion we want to thank Brian for having given us his support on this space and for having placed his trust in us."